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Friday, March 26, 2010

I finally joined a book club!

After about 15 years of debating and looking into it, I joined the book club in my ward last month. I was able to go to a planning meeting and hear about all the books that were read last year and what was possible for this year. I had a nice time being with others who have been able to give me a different light on some of the books I wanted to read or have already read.

So, I was able to be the host for March. When you host it is at your house on the fourth Wednesday of the month in which you are hosting. You provide the book title and refreshments. At the meeting you lead the discussion, easy task for me since I am a talker anyway. You also introduce the author and give a brief history of him and some of the books they have written.

This month's book was The Shack, by William P. young. He is originally from Canada, however he now live in Oregon with his wife and six children. This book, as I believe, was a heeling for him as it is about healing through a tragic loss. Mr. Young was raised for six years in an aboriginal tribe in the former Papua New Guinea, they were considered to be stone-aged. He was abused sexually as a child, then chipped back to Canada to boarding school where it happened again for several years. The book gives a perspective of the Godhead that will shock some and impress others.

Here are my thoughts on the book:
I liked it. It was very interesting to see the pain that Mack went through from childhood through adulthood. He never really let go of the abuse he and his family suffered at the hands of his alcoholic father. No forgiveness was in his heart for his father, even after his father had died.
He married a very sweet lady and had six children. His youngest daughter, Missy, was kidnapped on a camping trip and murdered. Only her blood and red sundress were found in the shack that day.
The entire family was devastated. Mack blamed himself and was not able to see that his daughter blamed herself and stopped talking because of it.
Nan, his wife, called God "Papa", which Mack though was very sweet that she felt that close to him.
Four years after Missy is believed to be murdered Mack receives a note from "Papa" asking him to come to the shack to talk about forgiveness. he is very upset about this, but decides to go anyway.
That afternoon at the shack he walks back into the darkest moments of his life. He meets God, Jesus and the Creator (Holy Ghost). God is a Black Aunt Jamima looking woman who sings and walks around barefoot and loves to cook. Jesus is a carpenter and looks like an Asian/Indian with chiseled facial trademarks of leather, but talks to Mack as if he were his friend. Jesus is tender and soft spoken. The Creator (Holy Ghost) is a short robust woman who walks around creating all the beauty of the earth, including the thorns and thistles. She giggles a lot and talks a lot about the beauty of the world.
Mack is lead through a journey of healing and forgiveness as he sees Missy is okay and is able to feel her wrap her arms around him through a think veil.

This was a very different way of healing through writing. I saw a lot of similarities to some religions as i read this portrayal of the Godhead. I also noted the similarities of the abuse Mr. Young went through as he portrayed the kidnapper and the Godhead.

I recommend this book to others so they may be able to see how forgiveness and healing can only come through the healing of our God and faith in Jesus Christ.

Next month's book: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare

It's all going to be fine, right?

Okay, so I have been officially single for almost three years now. It's all going to be fine, right?

I started dating again within a few months of the official divorce. Things were difficult and I hated the men I was meeting. So, I gave up for about six months, that was just what was needed.

Then a wonderful man called me. We talked for and hour the first time on the phone. We both felt it was as if we had known each other for a long time. We went out every weekend, since he lives so far away. We would trade off on travel to make it fair and more exciting for all of us. The kids love his and vice versa. He has amazing kids, and I do as well, but we already know that. Anyway, we became very close and talked everyday. Sometimes we wouldn't see each other for a couple weeks, but we talked on the phone. Then last July we decided to spend less time together. Than we drifted further apart. We love each other, yes we have told each other this, but he is nervous and afraid of commitment. I tried to be understanding at first. Then I just stopped calling him. I still wrote him up to February. We haven't spoken in two weeks. We decided at Thanksgiving to stay friends. Doesn't seem to be.

I am pretty happy where I am right now. All seems to be okay. I have my ups and downs, who doesn't? Anyway, I feel like my kids are the most important priority right now and that will be the way it is for a long time to come.

I have recently been set up by a friend. I think this man is very nice. I am just not sure anything will happen, but I am willing to give it a chance because it would be unfair not to. Not only that, but I would be a hypocrite if I didn't give him a chance. That's a story for another time.

I am so frustrated about dating in general, so all the time I am spending with the kids or even alone doing my own thing is a nice change. I think dating is boring. I got married to my ex in high school, that was the day when dating was not only casual but fun. now you are just older and less exciting. The single men out there are very interesting to say the least. So I will just let everything come to me for now, it is so much easier to let it fall in your lap so to speak. Theres no pressure when you sit at home and play games or read a great book.

So, it's all going to be fine, right?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Diet update :(

Well, needless to say I have been working out and eating well and gained five pounds back. I do have muscle gain, however not five pounds worth.

This is frustrating due to the fact I have tried really hard to change my habits, and stuck to it. As well as working out three nights a week and at least once on the weekend, which makes four most weeks. So gainung back weight has not been nice.

Each Friday we weigh in and I have been the same weight, give or take 1/2 a pound or a couple ounces, for the past three weeks now. I am not impressed with this at all.

So, I am going to trudge along and stay on the course I am on hoping for a change in the way I look rather than the weight I would like to see disappear.

I just wan to stay healthy and strong. So this will just have to be the way it is for a while until I can visibly see a better change.