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Friday, November 6, 2009

Supporting OUR troops!

With all the buzz about Fort Hood and all the negativity this portrays to those who do not get it I felt it necessary to note my support of our troops, no matter where they are.

I have several family members in two different branches of the military, as well as a couple of friends with spouses in Iraq and basic training. They are brave men and I love that they want to protect the well being of those of us at home and abroad.

I am a firm believer in these young men and women! As well as all others who have made the choice to SERVE their COUNTRY. They are brave beyond any comprehension any of us may have, they are the heroes to those who cannot protect themselves. I am proud of all they do for this country.

I may not be happy about the war at this point, but that does not change the fact that I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS EVERYWHERE! I also feel if you do not support the military who is protecting those in need across the world, then stand in front of them. I have chosen to stand behind them and be of support the best I can.

I love you Justin, Matt, Blake, Elisa and Thomas. My prayers are with you each day as you serve our country!

God Bless America and our troops!