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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Well, I start my second semester of college this week!  YAY ME!  I am so excited to be in school again.  I am in the Business Administration Program and it has been pretty good so far. Going back to school has been nice, I think, because I can do so much more with the new information than I can with the education I currently have.

Courtny had Parent Teacher last week, I know that went fast!  She is doing great in school.  She has a B in Algebra, YAY COURT!  Math is not her friend, but look at that grade, and it in part is due to an amazing math teacher that really does care about the kids.  Her other grades are amazing too.  I am proud of her.

McQuelle is also continuing her education by attending adult high school so she may get her diploma.  Go Quelle you can do it!   She is also working very hard too.

Chris is deciding what he is going to do still, and that is okay.  He is still working, but if anyone know of a full time job he would be great at let us know!  he wants a better job ASAP.

This is what we are for now, pretty much students in the whole family.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is moving so quickly

This summer has flown right by.  Quelle has moved out, and I am still struggling with that.  Chris is working, paying some rent and has broken up with an amazing girl.  Courtny has been chillin at home as much as I can keep her there, however she has had some adventures with her cousin BreAnn too.  I have not had much luck finding the one yet.  We all know its been a while and I am not giving up though. 

We enjoyed Yellowstone together this July.  My mom and my sisters family came with us and it was so fun.  I cant wait to go back and see more.  We were gone for five days and it was a very long trip.  Driving constantly was difficult for me as my foot would get tired.  However, I had no foot pain while in Wyoming.  YAY!  We all had a blast in Jackson Hole as well on that trip.

I have now been told my foot has healed wonderfully from my surgery, however I have nerve damage now.  It is a side effect and I am dealing with it well.

I am teaching a class on baking and canning in enrichment this week.  I am nervous about it, but I know I will do well.  I am loving my ward and teaching the youth Sunday School still.

Work for me is going well.  I have also started attending school.  I will have my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration when I am done.  I am only attending part time, but that is warranted since I am working full time.

Courtny starts high school this month and soon will be my third driver.  I am happy she is moving up in life and is happy too.

Quelle has a job now and is still not living at home.  She is trying to finish school too.  She says she is happy.  I miss her.

Christopher has ended his relationship with his girlfriend, however they are still friends.  He is working and looking for another job as well.  He seems to be doing well.

Well, thats all for now.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yellowstone 2011 Vacation

 The Kids, my Mom, my sister and her family went to Yellowstone the first week of July this year. It was so amazing to see the beauty of God's creations as wella s how powerful they are.
 The kids with Grandma in Jackson Hole Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone.
 Most of our silly little group in Jackson Hole.  I think the city was glad to see us tourists leave. LOL
Well we made it and survived three nights in Yellowstone, one night in Idaho and the last night traveling all the way home from Montana.  I think this was just the most amazing vacation I have ever taken my kids on.  We look forward to going again in a couple years to see all we were not able to see this time.  Four days is not enough time in a giant amount of space like Yellowstone.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving on

Well, a lot has been happening since my surgery.  I am still in physical therapy and hopefully will be released from it soon.  I have been with my company for seven years now, yay me.  It was very sweet to celebrate that milestone in my life.  They are so good to me and I do enjoy the work I do.  McQuelle is about to end her High School career, this is bittersweet for me.  I miss her terribly all the time.  She has grown into an amazing young woman and I am proud of her accomplishments thus far.  Christopher finally has a job, yay buddy.  He likes it, but needs more hours.  He has also been helping a couple neighbors with house remodeling and yard prep.  He enjoys being with his cousins in Ogden quite a bit.  He has also made some new friends up here and is enjoying himself with the singles ward and the activities there.  Courtny is now the first counselor in the Young Woman's presidency.  She likes it and was very excited to be asked.  She is still working on new friends, some she really has a lot in common with.  She is babysitting her cousins every so often and they love having her take care of them.  They are three and one and such bright little guys too.  I am hoping to have  a new car here soon and to be able to go on some great vacations this summer with my kids.  Memorial day and Father's day are coming up soon.  I am looking forward to the summer and the activities we can have as a family.  Mothers day was amazing.  My kids got me a heart locket.  I love it.  It is beautiful. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Foot Surgery :(

Well, since last I wrote not much has been going on.  We had Easter, and that was not the best.  I did not get to see all my children that day and I was a little upset by that.  I have also had my foot surgery and recovering from it is almost over now.

Day one of post surgery
 Day two post surgery

 I am now on one crutch and doing physical therapy three days a week to learn to walk correctly again.  It is getting better slowly and they finally removed the stitches on the fourth of this month.  I am feeling great and being as cautious as I can.

Christopher found a job, it is part time, bit it is something.  I am so releived he finally found something!

Courtny and McQuelle are almost done with school!

Summer is almost here!  My lawn will be put in the back yard in one week!  Cannot wait for that!  So excited!  I will have a great yard and I won't have had to do any of the work!  That is the best part!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My feet are not doing so well :(

I found out yesterday I will need the drastic surgery for my right foot.  It will consist of tarsal tunnel and plantar faciitis repair at the same time.  This means a two week recovery rather than a few days.  I will be able to return to work after four days since I have a desk job.  However, I will be on crutches and in a boot for a couple weeks.  Not looking forward to this.  But thats life so I will deal with it.

Our Beautiful New Home

 this is our beautiful new home.  we love it and wanted to share with our friends and family our lovely new atmosphere.  we live close to the mountains, like two minutes away! 

 the new ward is amazing and brook has a new calling.  i am the 14-16 year old sunday school teacher.  i will inform you of how that is as i come to get to know the ward.

 chris attends the singles ward with his cousin bobbi-jene.  they love it. 
Hope you all are doing well.  love you~ the kilpatrick klan :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy week!

Well, we moved last Saturday, it was an all day project as we have moved one hour north to Ogden.  I do not recall anyone having anything serious injury wise happen.  However, I did acquire a new and very large bone spur on my right heel next to my tiny arch.  OW!  I have had to purchase new tennis shoes and wear them everyday since to keep it from getting worse.  I hate wearing them all the time, bit this is better than having surgery at this point.  Anyway, our house is comming along, there have been no issues in getting unpacked, yay!
The kids like the new house and I love how peaceful the neighborhood is.  It has not been crazy with weird stuff, which is awesome.  I don't worry about anything odd in the middle of the night happening, in fact I sleep better than I have in years.  It is so nice to only hear a dog bark once in a while and no yelling or police next door.  That is a huge yay!  Our new ward is very noisy, although I love it.  They are so friendly and polite, love that.  Courtny finally got into school, that is a long story in itself, which took a week to do.  Sometimes I feel like people think I moved from a foreign country, weird but I think it will get better.  I have a neighbor that is the sweetest lady and has two adorable babies.  I am sure I will meet more people later, that will take time I am sure.  Anyway that was our week.  Write again soon, I hope.  :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving day is nearly here! YIKES!

Well we are moving to Ogden.  I know crazy, but a prompting is a prompting and I will not question it.  The Lord apparently wants us there.  I have prayed and thought about this decision and after everything falling into place so easily, this is supposed to happen and thus we will go.

It reminds me a little of the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon.  He said, as the song goes, "I will go and do the things the Lord commands."

So, off we go.  We move this coming weekend and I am stressed, nervous and excited all at once.  But, I know this will be a blessing.  Pictures of the new house will be posted soon here and on FB.

Life is great otherwise!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quick one!

We have been having some issues with our home for a long time and within the past few weeks it has gotten to the point where I cannot take the Landlord any longer.  Sooooo..........We are moving!  I was prompted to move to Ogden, Utah by my sister.  I have never thought of moving north, but there it is.  So, after an e-mail and one phone call...........the process was started.  My brother in law called me within days of my call to my sister, told me about a house in the neighborhood and their ward and thats how it started and ended.  I will now start traveling on Front Runner to Salt Lake everyday for work.  I am excited and nervous, but this is what the Lord wants.  I know not why, but I will follow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow! January will be gone............

With Jsnuary  about to be over I find myself wondering what have I been doing?

Here is the list of events in the past few weeks:

  • January 1st- Picked the kids up from their father, YAY!
  • Late night January 1st-  Merry Christmas to my kids.  We opened presents and talked until the wee hours of the morning catching up.  They were so happy to be home they did not want to go to sleep.  (me either)
  • Told Land Lord I cant take all the problems with the house anymore and I will be moving ASAP.  
  • Church planning meeting the same night I spoke t my Land Lord.  Out until 9:30 with no dinner.
  • The stake started a new young singles adult ward, my son left our ward to attend.  So weird not having him at church with us. 
  • Filed a complaint with the BBB in reference to the dating site I have been on since October.  They are saying I do not have an account, yet I have proof I do.  So that will be an interesting one I am sure.
  • Now paying my attorney more because the Attorney General has filed a case for Child Support against my ex-husband,  Yay!  More money I don't have because he is so great at avoiding responsibility I get to pay for an attorney Love it....NOT!
  • Prompted by the spirit to contact my sister to move up North to Ogden.  I know NORTH!  But, I feel good about it.  I have prayed and feel it is the best for us right now.  I know it's a long way away, I will be in Salt Lake for work five days a week and back at least once or twice a month to visit people.  I promise.
  • January 24th-  My Mom turned 71, and she looks great!  Also, my wonderful son, Christopher, finally graduated High School!  I HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!  I am very proud of him.
  • I now have two "adult" Children..............YIKES!  I feel older now!  lol
  • My Son told me he want to join the Army.  That was a long talk!  I cried because I am worried about his safety due to the timing of joining.  He said he knows I struggle since his dad left so he was planning to mail his whole paycheck to me each month.  I have a wonderful son who wants to take care of me, isn't he gallant!  This is all happening so fast!
So, this has been my month!  Ups and downs, tears and laughter!  Hugs and kisses.

I have the best kids ever and I am so very proud of them.

Happy New year.  January will soon be gone, crazy.