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Monday, July 18, 2011

Yellowstone 2011 Vacation

 The Kids, my Mom, my sister and her family went to Yellowstone the first week of July this year. It was so amazing to see the beauty of God's creations as wella s how powerful they are.
 The kids with Grandma in Jackson Hole Wyoming on the way to Yellowstone.
 Most of our silly little group in Jackson Hole.  I think the city was glad to see us tourists leave. LOL
Well we made it and survived three nights in Yellowstone, one night in Idaho and the last night traveling all the way home from Montana.  I think this was just the most amazing vacation I have ever taken my kids on.  We look forward to going again in a couple years to see all we were not able to see this time.  Four days is not enough time in a giant amount of space like Yellowstone.