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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving on

Well, a lot has been happening since my surgery.  I am still in physical therapy and hopefully will be released from it soon.  I have been with my company for seven years now, yay me.  It was very sweet to celebrate that milestone in my life.  They are so good to me and I do enjoy the work I do.  McQuelle is about to end her High School career, this is bittersweet for me.  I miss her terribly all the time.  She has grown into an amazing young woman and I am proud of her accomplishments thus far.  Christopher finally has a job, yay buddy.  He likes it, but needs more hours.  He has also been helping a couple neighbors with house remodeling and yard prep.  He enjoys being with his cousins in Ogden quite a bit.  He has also made some new friends up here and is enjoying himself with the singles ward and the activities there.  Courtny is now the first counselor in the Young Woman's presidency.  She likes it and was very excited to be asked.  She is still working on new friends, some she really has a lot in common with.  She is babysitting her cousins every so often and they love having her take care of them.  They are three and one and such bright little guys too.  I am hoping to have  a new car here soon and to be able to go on some great vacations this summer with my kids.  Memorial day and Father's day are coming up soon.  I am looking forward to the summer and the activities we can have as a family.  Mothers day was amazing.  My kids got me a heart locket.  I love it.  It is beautiful.