~ The LOVE of a FAMILY makes LIFE beautiful ~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Memories are all around us

Family fun at a cemetery?  This was at the cemetery where we assisted my nephew Jarom with his Eagle Project.

Zoo Days

Time Out for Women Las Vegas

Homecoming for McQuelle and Timmy

Kaitlyn and McQuelle ~ Besties

Vince, Kaitlyn, McQuelle & Timmy all decked out for Homecoming

Concerts and GREAT FRIENDS!  Me & Lesia

Halloween Store ~ Goofing off ~ Courtny & I

First Dates & Makeovers

Boating on July 24th

Painful Good Byes~ Miss you Cyndi!  Love you so very much.

Whether we were going out with friends or hanging with family we still had a pretty good year in 2010.  Why take an actual vacation when you can be with those you love and have fun spending time together?  I think not taking an actual vacation was worth it this year. 

We have been to the zoo, gone boating, first dates, Homecoming, Eagle Projects, concerts and even weekend doing things for others who are less fortunate.  What year!

There have been so many great ups this year that it wont matter we didn't spend a fortune going anywhere.  I remember my kids saying they had fun doing one thing or another.  One even said this is great we should do it more often.

When you have the love of a family and great kids life is so worth living.  At least we think so.

The only sad thing that we will remember this year is the passing of our Sister, Friend and the kids Aunt, Cynthia Lynn Kilpatrick Davies.  She led a very difficult life, although she was blessed with amazing nephews and nieces, cousins, siblings and other amazing family and friends she suffered from Spina Bifida and other physical ailments her entire life.  We will bury her in a couple days, but her love, smile and beautiful sparkling eyes will always be with us in our hearts and pictures of our lives with her.  We love and miss you greatly Cyndi.  Run girl, run!  No more braces or crutches or wheelchairs!  You are whole again, do the things you were unable to do on earth and kiss my dad for me!  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In Memory of Cyndi Kilpatrick Davies

Cynthia Lynn Kilpatrick Davies

“Hats off with Love”

Our Beloved Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Dear Friend returned back to our Heavenly Father.

Cyndi was born on December 28, 1971 in San Francisco, California to Andy LeRoy Kilpatrick & Linda (Fewkes) Kilpatrick. She passed away peacefully surrounded by loved ones on December 4, 2010. She was born with Spina Bifida and fought a noble fight. Cyndi was one who loved being with her famil...y and friends. She was a wonderful aunt who loved her nephews and nieces. She enjoyed learning new things and making new friends. She shared her smiles with everyone that came into her life. Cyndi is preceded in death by her Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, Grandpa Fewkes, her Cousin Stephanie Thomas and other loved ones. She is survived by her mother, Linda Kilpatrick; 2 brothers Steven Kilpatrick and Michael (Jessica) Kilpatrick; nephews, Christopher, Riley, Carter and Tyler Kilpatrick; nieces, McQuelle, Courtny and Sharlene Kilpatrick. She is also survived by her father Andy LeRoy Kilpatrick and her grandparents Milton and Arlene Kilpatrick along with other loved ones of the Kilpatrick and Fewkes families. The family wishes to express their sincere gratitude to Sunbrook Hospice staff and Arlington Hills Care Center for their care and compassion during her last days. Gratitude is also expressed to her many friends, co-workers, special needs counselors, ward members and others who willingly and lovingly served her. Funeral services will be held at 11am on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at McDougal Mortuary (4330 South Redwood Road. A gathering will be held from 6pm-8pm on December 10, 2010 at McDougal Mortuary.