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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Personal Progress Rules ~ Exciting

So, last night was New Beginnings for my daughters. I hurried home from work and found a very irritated daughter which is not unusual u=in our house at times. Anyway, Quelle was almost ready to go because she is the Laurel class president and had important things to do as well as going early. She is not to happy about her calling most of the time, but I think she tries the best she knows how.

It was themed as the Value Olympics. All the girls in the Miamaids and Laurels were in the "ceremony of flags". They each gave a brief talk on the color flag they were carrying and did a great job. Quelle was the torch bearer as well as the conductor of the program. She did a great job. All the participants did.

Then they all received a gold medal from the leaders and we were introduced to them as talented and special girls that they are.

During the talks the Laurel advisor told us we, as mother's, may now participate in the Personal Progress program and earn the medallion with our daughters. They can pass us off and we can pass them off now too. They gave each parent a book and journal so that we could participate with our girls.

I am excited for this as I never received my medallion 20 years ago. Unfortunately I made mistakes when I was younger and was not allowed to finish due to my indiscretions. It used to not matter to me that I never got it. Then as my girls started to do this program I felt saddened that they could not follow in my footsteps in that way, so this is exciting for me. I am so happy to know I may now join my daughters and get this medallion with them.

I hope they are going to be supportive of me and help me out as I try to help them as well. This is a great opportunity to grow closer to my daughters, Courtny and McQuelle. I hope they feel the same as I do and are excited that we may do this together.

Good luck to you girls I love you.