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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The diet

Well, I am doing well so far. My work is doing a fitness routine. I am almost to my goal of 10 pounds. It has not been as difficult as you would think, the reason, there are eight of us in this office and we are doing it together. Everything is so much easier when you work together towards your goals.

I have lost eight pounds in the past three weeks. My doctor said he thinks its great as long as I stay healthy and happy there is no problem with losing a little bit of weight. I love that he agrees with me. He also said my abs are getting nice and tight already. YAY ME!

I also would like to point out that I have more energy and feel great. I am portioning my meals better and not having a morning snack has not been a problem at all. I am not hungary all the time, nor am I starving.

I am exercising and toning my muscles as well. It was very painful the first several days, but now its a breeze and I cant wait to work out at the end of the day.

My offic eput in an "exercise room". We have two bikes, an eliptical (my favorite), and a stretching machine. One of the ladies I work with and I brought our yoga mats and core balls too. We are having fun while we do this and I have to admit it is fun.

I hope I look great this summer....lol. Maybe I will meet a man because I look and feel better...j/k. It will be worth it though.

I am so glad I have people to do this with.