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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 'reason for the season'

It is that time of year again when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in a lowly manger in Bethlehem. Such a Humble birth, such an amazing gift to the world.

So many did not, and still do not, believe this was the birth of a God. However, with faith and testimony I know this to be true. This worldly birth had to be in order for the atonement to come to pass. The atonement of Jesus Christ is such a beautiful and loving gift given to us all. He knew what he was called to do, and accepted it with his own free agency.

Christ was born of humble birth in order to bring to pass the immortality of man. The birth of our Savior was very special and only the most righteous woman was blessed with him as her mortal son, Mary. What a special woman Mary was that God the Father chose her to be the mother of the only begotten son, Jesus Christ. How very unique the circumstances of the day and how wonderful Joseph was to accept the truth of the Father when visited and knew he must accept Mary as his wife and Christ as his earthly son. What a special family they had to be to be given such a wonderful gift as their mortal child.

I am so very grateful Christ came to earth in this way. He is a large presence in my life and I know with all my heart and soul this mortal man is a God. He is the reason for the atonement and the plan of salvation being brought to fruition.
I love the Savior and my Father in heaven. They are there every time I need them and I am so grateful to know they are there to talk to and thank them for all my blessings, good and bad.

Merry Christmas everyone. Don't forget the 'reason for the season'.