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Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy week!

Well, we moved last Saturday, it was an all day project as we have moved one hour north to Ogden.  I do not recall anyone having anything serious injury wise happen.  However, I did acquire a new and very large bone spur on my right heel next to my tiny arch.  OW!  I have had to purchase new tennis shoes and wear them everyday since to keep it from getting worse.  I hate wearing them all the time, bit this is better than having surgery at this point.  Anyway, our house is comming along, there have been no issues in getting unpacked, yay!
The kids like the new house and I love how peaceful the neighborhood is.  It has not been crazy with weird stuff, which is awesome.  I don't worry about anything odd in the middle of the night happening, in fact I sleep better than I have in years.  It is so nice to only hear a dog bark once in a while and no yelling or police next door.  That is a huge yay!  Our new ward is very noisy, although I love it.  They are so friendly and polite, love that.  Courtny finally got into school, that is a long story in itself, which took a week to do.  Sometimes I feel like people think I moved from a foreign country, weird but I think it will get better.  I have a neighbor that is the sweetest lady and has two adorable babies.  I am sure I will meet more people later, that will take time I am sure.  Anyway that was our week.  Write again soon, I hope.  :)