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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Foot Surgery :(

Well, since last I wrote not much has been going on.  We had Easter, and that was not the best.  I did not get to see all my children that day and I was a little upset by that.  I have also had my foot surgery and recovering from it is almost over now.

Day one of post surgery
 Day two post surgery

 I am now on one crutch and doing physical therapy three days a week to learn to walk correctly again.  It is getting better slowly and they finally removed the stitches on the fourth of this month.  I am feeling great and being as cautious as I can.

Christopher found a job, it is part time, bit it is something.  I am so releived he finally found something!

Courtny and McQuelle are almost done with school!

Summer is almost here!  My lawn will be put in the back yard in one week!  Cannot wait for that!  So excited!  I will have a great yard and I won't have had to do any of the work!  That is the best part!