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Monday, October 19, 2009

What's up with us?



It has been a little while since I updated this. Sorry about that. Life has been busy.
Christopher is about to have his Scout Board of review for his Eagle, FINALLY! It's been a long time, it seems, since he finished and turned the paperwork in, but I guess it all depends on the eagerness of the leaders. He is excited for a new chapter in his Senior year. Chris will be transferring to an alternative school next quarter so as to finish this year with full credits. We all pray this is all there will be needed to help him complete the school year. He is looking for a job to help pay for his insurance and other needs, so if you know anyone hiring drop us a note. He is a very protective son, always looking out for myself and his little sisters. Chris is amazing and a wonderful son! I am very proud of him.
McQuelle is amazing! She is working so hard to get all her grades up to par. Her school work load is not to bad, but she is brilliant and a hard worker. She is also looking for a job to pay for insurance and packets to catch up on her credits she missed last year. She is a very loving daughter and I am very proud of her.
Courtny is doing great as well. She is enjoying the new school very much. She thought she would hate being back in public school, but that is no longer the case. She has made many new friends and still keeps in touch with the ones from the charter school. She is eagerly awaiting braces, but knows she will have to wait until Chris and Quelle are out of theirs. Her grades are amazing this year as well. Her math grade was brought to an A, good job Court!
As for myself, well I spend as much time as I can with the kiddos, they seem to need me more now as teenagers than they did as toddlers. I guess that's how life moves on. I am not dating anyone right now, I am not sure where I could fit someone into my life right now. It is nice to have the cherished time I do with the kids, they mean a lot to me and I love them with all my soul and heart.