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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bronze Bow

This month's book was The Bronze Bow, By Elizabeth George Speare. A journey through historical fiction at the time of Jesus in Galilee.
I had a difficult time getting into the book at first. It took one week to get to chapter seven, then somewhere in the middle of the chapter I was taken in and it became increasingly more interesting.
Daniel is the main character and he is seething with vengeance and anger towards the Romans. His father was brutally crucified by the Romans. As he was witness to this cruel form of unjust punishment, Daniel turned away from all he knew to avenge the deaths of his mother and father. (His mother died two weeks after his father due to illness from seeing the death herself in the rain.) His sister Leah became emotionally trapped for the rest of her life in a different way.
Daniel escapes the servitude of Amalek and becomes part of the band of thieves led by Rosh. Rosh believes they must overthrow the Romans by stealing from them as well as anyone else they come across. He sends Daniel to live in the city of Galilee to be the eyes he needs there.
Simon is a Zealot and owns a blacksmith shop. Daniel and Simon go to see a minister speak on the Sabbath. Simon has heard him before and wanted to learn more of him, he is intrigued by the witness he feels when the minister names Jesus speaks. He is determined to find out what he is about and if he is truly the Savior. Daniel needs a place to work so he can take care of his ill sister after his Grandmother dies so Simon tells him to open the smith shop and live in his home so he can take care of his sister. Simon moves to Capernum and lives there in a small home where Jesus stays with him. Daniel moves his sister to the shop and starts the blacksmithing again. However, Simon knows Daniel's heart and warns him to take care of his manners while in town, he tells him to take care of the Romans as he would anyone else so they do not destroy the town at his discourtesies towards the Romans.
Daniel's has two friends named Joel and Thacia, they are twins from Capernum. They visit Daniel often. Thacia finds a way to bring Leah out of herself a little each time she visits. After these visits Leah is a different person and talks to Daniel more.
Daniel, Joel and Thacia make a vow to stop the Romans together. The Bronze Bow found in Psalms in the sign they use as their mascot so to speak. It is how they know Daniel is in Capernum each time he visits.
In the end Daniels hatred of the Romans fades as Thacia brings Jesus to heal his sister. At that moment Daniel finds love in his heart and sees who Jesus is and finds peace at the death of his sister.
I enjoyed this book, in fact I wanted it to continue on after Leah dies and see Daniel and Thacia continue a knew life. I would recommend this book to those who want to know the history of that time frame. The history in the book is very accurate to the time Christ was in Galilee.
Next month: Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier