~ The LOVE of a FAMILY makes LIFE beautiful ~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Concert Mania!

On Friday the 24th of September, my wonderful friend Lesia invited me to the Brad Paisley concert at USANA.  I had the time of my life!  Lesia has been my friend for a long time, we lost each other for a while, but as you can see we found each other and can still cause trouble.  We saw two concerts basically.  The first was Josh Thompson, Corbin Eastin and Steel Magnolia.  Thompson had this amazing guitarist who kept winking, smiling and singing to me.  He was so hot!  Eastin was awesome, way hot too.

Then Steel Magnolia.  They are married and so fun to watch.  They are a party themselves.

Then the big event!  Justin Moore, Darius Rucker and BRAD PAISLEY!  We were only able to see part of Moore because the line for food so Lesia could take her meds was outrageous.  But, thats okay, he was awesome!  Rucker, for those who are not sure who he is, was the lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish.  He has a new start to his career and I think he is awesome.  He was very good at entertaining us, and he moving along just great in the new spotlight he has been given.  Then Brad, he is amazing and deserves Entertainer of the year.  I have never been so enthralled and into a concert like this in my life.  He even came right out in the crowd to a stage right behind us.  He stood right next to us!  I could have grabbed his arm, of course I did not want to die, so I let the thought pass.  He was so amazing.  I had barely a voice the next day, but it was worth it.
The picture where I am elevating Lesia's foot is a true act of love and freindship.  I hope you will be all better soon Lesia!  I love you and am so grateful to you for giving the night to have fun and not think of my family drama, kids or any one else that may have been on my mind.  You are a true friend and a party queen!  I had the best time I have had in years, and would never have expected to have a bruise even today from that concert!  It was crazy awesome!