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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My feet are not doing so well :(

I found out yesterday I will need the drastic surgery for my right foot.  It will consist of tarsal tunnel and plantar faciitis repair at the same time.  This means a two week recovery rather than a few days.  I will be able to return to work after four days since I have a desk job.  However, I will be on crutches and in a boot for a couple weeks.  Not looking forward to this.  But thats life so I will deal with it.

Our Beautiful New Home

 this is our beautiful new home.  we love it and wanted to share with our friends and family our lovely new atmosphere.  we live close to the mountains, like two minutes away! 

 the new ward is amazing and brook has a new calling.  i am the 14-16 year old sunday school teacher.  i will inform you of how that is as i come to get to know the ward.

 chris attends the singles ward with his cousin bobbi-jene.  they love it. 
Hope you all are doing well.  love you~ the kilpatrick klan :)