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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow! January will be gone............

With Jsnuary  about to be over I find myself wondering what have I been doing?

Here is the list of events in the past few weeks:

  • January 1st- Picked the kids up from their father, YAY!
  • Late night January 1st-  Merry Christmas to my kids.  We opened presents and talked until the wee hours of the morning catching up.  They were so happy to be home they did not want to go to sleep.  (me either)
  • Told Land Lord I cant take all the problems with the house anymore and I will be moving ASAP.  
  • Church planning meeting the same night I spoke t my Land Lord.  Out until 9:30 with no dinner.
  • The stake started a new young singles adult ward, my son left our ward to attend.  So weird not having him at church with us. 
  • Filed a complaint with the BBB in reference to the dating site I have been on since October.  They are saying I do not have an account, yet I have proof I do.  So that will be an interesting one I am sure.
  • Now paying my attorney more because the Attorney General has filed a case for Child Support against my ex-husband,  Yay!  More money I don't have because he is so great at avoiding responsibility I get to pay for an attorney Love it....NOT!
  • Prompted by the spirit to contact my sister to move up North to Ogden.  I know NORTH!  But, I feel good about it.  I have prayed and feel it is the best for us right now.  I know it's a long way away, I will be in Salt Lake for work five days a week and back at least once or twice a month to visit people.  I promise.
  • January 24th-  My Mom turned 71, and she looks great!  Also, my wonderful son, Christopher, finally graduated High School!  I HAVE A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE!  I am very proud of him.
  • I now have two "adult" Children..............YIKES!  I feel older now!  lol
  • My Son told me he want to join the Army.  That was a long talk!  I cried because I am worried about his safety due to the timing of joining.  He said he knows I struggle since his dad left so he was planning to mail his whole paycheck to me each month.  I have a wonderful son who wants to take care of me, isn't he gallant!  This is all happening so fast!
So, this has been my month!  Ups and downs, tears and laughter!  Hugs and kisses.

I have the best kids ever and I am so very proud of them.

Happy New year.  January will soon be gone, crazy.