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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Am I?

A parent gives everything they have to their children, monetary and spiritually. So, why is it that your example is sometimes not enough?

This is the question I am faced with understanding today. My children mean the world to me, that is why I feel my example in everything morally and spiritually is the most important. I do what I should to show and teach them the proper morals and yet I feel I have failed somewhere.

The Prophet (Hinckley, I believe) stated, "as long as you have tried you have not failed." I know this is true, so why do I feel I have failed my daughter?

I pray for my children to do right and always tell them to remember who they are. Is this enough? I hope beyond hope it is.

I asked all my children who they are. Only two could tell me who they are. I told them who I am, but one said they don't know who they are and does not believe some of the things that our church believes or does. I wrote a letter to that child, telling them who they are and bearing my testimony of Jesus Christ. Is this going to push them further away this week or bring them to think about the question, Who am I?

This is what I AM:

  • I am a daughter of God

  • I am a mother to three amazing, brilliant and beautiful young adults

  • I am the sole caretaker to those children, who were entrusted to my care by my Heavenly Father

  • I am an empowered, beautiful, loving, caring, friend to all I know, and organized woman

  • I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Neighbor

There is more, however we don't need to go on at this point. I am sure you get what I was trying to teach my children.

An interesting little dilemma. We will see how this turns out later.