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Monday, November 1, 2010

Time Out for Women~Las Vegas 2010

I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with two of my amazing friends October 22nd.  We went for Time out for Women, sponsored by Dessert Book Company.  It was so amazing, uplifting and FUN!  I was able to get away for three days and have fun while being uplifted spiritually at the same time.

Christie and Alicia were with me the whole time.  We stopped at Cove Fort in Southern Utah on the way.  It was amazing to see a Church historical site on our way.  We were with Christie's Grandma, Mom and some of her Aunts as well.  10 ladies total.  We were inspired by so many wonderful Church Authors and speakers.  We heard form Ardeth Kapp, John Bytheway, Brad Wilcox, Kris Belcher, Linda and Shawni Eyre and heard from John Vail Bayles and Mercy River.  Both musical groups were so wonderful!  I loved their stories as well. 
I learned from these speakers that I don't have it so bad.  Life is great for me and I need to be more grateful and understanding of others.  My testimony of the Lord was strengthened through the speakers. 
On the way home Christie, Alicia and I felt inspired so much by all we heard and participated in that we had a little devotional in the car.  What a great idea to have this program!  I loved it.  Can't wait til next year!