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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~Just Thoughts~

The commute to work each day brings interesting effects to me. Here are some interesting things I have observed while riding Trax to work each day.

  • people do not care what they look like
  • they smell of interesting scents
  • they are filthy, hence the odors
  • it doesn't matter if anyone is there, they will have complete conversations with them
  • conversations with you and your acquaintances are interrupted to tell you things you don't need to know, because you don't know them
  • I am asked for money
  • if they are not handicapped, they feel obligated to use the handicapped ramp because they have a stroller, groceries or any other number of items that makes it reasonable to them to use the seating which is designated for those who are handicapped
  • some people think they should have a seat just because, it doesn't matter that the pregnant lady is standing, they were there first
  • manners? what's that?
  • gentleman? what's that?
  • courteous in your language? what's that?

I could go on, however I feel you have the point now. Observing others is a social habit at this point. I have become a "people watcher" is you please. Not necessarily a want, just happened over the years riding this form of public transformation.

You should try it and see what its like. Crazy people, punk kids etc. ride all day every day, its quite an adventure at times.

This was something I wanted to get off my chest, you see I think some of these people are not socially inept like you may think. They were most likely taught better, but they obviously could care less at this point in time. It is sad we have this in our society today.

We need to remember, as we go about our day, to help those in need as we are prompted by the spirit. You should look at helping others as a blessing, as if you are assisting the Savior. This is my prayer this day, for us to be more Christlike in our daily lives.