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Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is moving so quickly

This summer has flown right by.  Quelle has moved out, and I am still struggling with that.  Chris is working, paying some rent and has broken up with an amazing girl.  Courtny has been chillin at home as much as I can keep her there, however she has had some adventures with her cousin BreAnn too.  I have not had much luck finding the one yet.  We all know its been a while and I am not giving up though. 

We enjoyed Yellowstone together this July.  My mom and my sisters family came with us and it was so fun.  I cant wait to go back and see more.  We were gone for five days and it was a very long trip.  Driving constantly was difficult for me as my foot would get tired.  However, I had no foot pain while in Wyoming.  YAY!  We all had a blast in Jackson Hole as well on that trip.

I have now been told my foot has healed wonderfully from my surgery, however I have nerve damage now.  It is a side effect and I am dealing with it well.

I am teaching a class on baking and canning in enrichment this week.  I am nervous about it, but I know I will do well.  I am loving my ward and teaching the youth Sunday School still.

Work for me is going well.  I have also started attending school.  I will have my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration when I am done.  I am only attending part time, but that is warranted since I am working full time.

Courtny starts high school this month and soon will be my third driver.  I am happy she is moving up in life and is happy too.

Quelle has a job now and is still not living at home.  She is trying to finish school too.  She says she is happy.  I miss her.

Christopher has ended his relationship with his girlfriend, however they are still friends.  He is working and looking for another job as well.  He seems to be doing well.

Well, thats all for now.