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Monday, December 28, 2009

Surviving Christmas

Wow, how else would you describe it? This was a unique Christmas weekend for our little family.

Thursday, the 24th, my ex-husband spent about 8 hours at my house with the kids. Of course they all drag me into playing games and such, I don't mind since it is about the kids happiness and not mine.

Friday, the 25th, found myself and the kids ready for their dad to come over so they could open their presents. He arrived at 9 a.m., much to the dismay of the kids for being so late in the day. Yes I chuckle at it as well. The ex spent the day with us, until about 8 p.m. We had a lovely breakfast of waffles prepared by McQuelle with her new waffle maker. A short visit from my brother Michael and his family (Denece Dalton and BreAnn) as well as my mom. It was nice of them to stop by to deliver a sweet gift. Grandma Loved her gift from us and was very grateful to get out of the house for a while. Then it was time to clean up breakfast and play games for a while. At 2:30 p.m. we all, ex, kids and I, went to Great Grandparent Kilpatrick's house for lunch and a visit. That was very nice and we had a good time with the cousins, Aunts and Uncles. We then returned back to my home (yes ex as well) for a turkey dinner at 6:30 p.m. A very long exhausting day. But, we made it through.

Saturday, the 26th, was McQuelle's 17th birthday. I climbed in bed with her and sang primary birthday songs to her and told her happy birthday. She seemed to like that. Then after getting ready for the day Quelle and I went to get her pampered for her day. At 5:30 p.m. my ex arrived and we all left for our cousin Kori's wedding reception. After about 2 more hours with the Kilpatrick family we went home for the night, less my son and plus a niece.

Chris went on an ice fishing trip with his Uncle Mike until Monday. While Sharlene, my niece, came to my house in his place. We often switch a kid.

So, in the least I would say we survived Christmas and had an amazing time celebrating as a "family".

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ

I felt it necessary to testify of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ at this time. I know Christ as a friend, brother and God. He is my humble servant as I try to be his also. I feel His spirit with me often, especially when I know what I am doing is right and worthy of His praise.

The Atonement has become more easily understood for me in the past couple of years. I have read and learned a lot about it through the trial of my divorce and illness. I know Christ gave himself as the atoning sacrifice for us so that we may be able to be worthy to enter the Lord's presence again after we leave this earthly realm. I know Christ suffered for all the sins of the world. Because He was able and willing to do this for us, He knows all the pains, joys and suffering we all go through each and every day. This brings comfort to me knowing that my Savior loves me so much he would die and suffer for all the sins I may have. What a joy to know Christ, my brother, loves me so unconditionally.

I know Joseph Smith was willing to listen and learn from the Lord at the tender age of 14 and throughout the remainder of his life. He was willing to be a sacrifice for the word of the Lord to come to the earth again. Through Joseph's revelations from the Lord we are able to read the Book of Mormon and learn of the things which Jesus wanted to be brought back to the earth in this dispensation.

I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet today. I know Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth in this Dispensation as it was meant to be. I know the Plan of Salvation is for all mankind and would love to see all man accept God and Jesus Christ as they should be and wholly worship them with humility and a humble heart and mind.

I know theses things to be true and am so very grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at this time. I am happy to be a Christian.

I say these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 'reason for the season'

It is that time of year again when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in a lowly manger in Bethlehem. Such a Humble birth, such an amazing gift to the world.

So many did not, and still do not, believe this was the birth of a God. However, with faith and testimony I know this to be true. This worldly birth had to be in order for the atonement to come to pass. The atonement of Jesus Christ is such a beautiful and loving gift given to us all. He knew what he was called to do, and accepted it with his own free agency.

Christ was born of humble birth in order to bring to pass the immortality of man. The birth of our Savior was very special and only the most righteous woman was blessed with him as her mortal son, Mary. What a special woman Mary was that God the Father chose her to be the mother of the only begotten son, Jesus Christ. How very unique the circumstances of the day and how wonderful Joseph was to accept the truth of the Father when visited and knew he must accept Mary as his wife and Christ as his earthly son. What a special family they had to be to be given such a wonderful gift as their mortal child.

I am so very grateful Christ came to earth in this way. He is a large presence in my life and I know with all my heart and soul this mortal man is a God. He is the reason for the atonement and the plan of salvation being brought to fruition.
I love the Savior and my Father in heaven. They are there every time I need them and I am so grateful to know they are there to talk to and thank them for all my blessings, good and bad.

Merry Christmas everyone. Don't forget the 'reason for the season'.

Monday, November 23, 2009

~~ A Time to Give ~~

'Tis the season of giving. Oh what can we do to assist those who are in need?

If you feel impressed by the spirit to give to others something that may help them to have a better season, then do it! How simple it is.

Sometimes even a small "gift" is just as helpful as a large one.

Just remember "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." If this is not as simple as you may like it to be, think of this statement from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ "as you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me."

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember others may not have it as "nice" as you do.

Love you all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Supporting OUR troops!

With all the buzz about Fort Hood and all the negativity this portrays to those who do not get it I felt it necessary to note my support of our troops, no matter where they are.

I have several family members in two different branches of the military, as well as a couple of friends with spouses in Iraq and basic training. They are brave men and I love that they want to protect the well being of those of us at home and abroad.

I am a firm believer in these young men and women! As well as all others who have made the choice to SERVE their COUNTRY. They are brave beyond any comprehension any of us may have, they are the heroes to those who cannot protect themselves. I am proud of all they do for this country.

I may not be happy about the war at this point, but that does not change the fact that I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS EVERYWHERE! I also feel if you do not support the military who is protecting those in need across the world, then stand in front of them. I have chosen to stand behind them and be of support the best I can.

I love you Justin, Matt, Blake, Elisa and Thomas. My prayers are with you each day as you serve our country!

God Bless America and our troops!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Am I?

A parent gives everything they have to their children, monetary and spiritually. So, why is it that your example is sometimes not enough?

This is the question I am faced with understanding today. My children mean the world to me, that is why I feel my example in everything morally and spiritually is the most important. I do what I should to show and teach them the proper morals and yet I feel I have failed somewhere.

The Prophet (Hinckley, I believe) stated, "as long as you have tried you have not failed." I know this is true, so why do I feel I have failed my daughter?

I pray for my children to do right and always tell them to remember who they are. Is this enough? I hope beyond hope it is.

I asked all my children who they are. Only two could tell me who they are. I told them who I am, but one said they don't know who they are and does not believe some of the things that our church believes or does. I wrote a letter to that child, telling them who they are and bearing my testimony of Jesus Christ. Is this going to push them further away this week or bring them to think about the question, Who am I?

This is what I AM:

  • I am a daughter of God

  • I am a mother to three amazing, brilliant and beautiful young adults

  • I am the sole caretaker to those children, who were entrusted to my care by my Heavenly Father

  • I am an empowered, beautiful, loving, caring, friend to all I know, and organized woman

  • I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Neighbor

There is more, however we don't need to go on at this point. I am sure you get what I was trying to teach my children.

An interesting little dilemma. We will see how this turns out later.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's up with us?



It has been a little while since I updated this. Sorry about that. Life has been busy.
Christopher is about to have his Scout Board of review for his Eagle, FINALLY! It's been a long time, it seems, since he finished and turned the paperwork in, but I guess it all depends on the eagerness of the leaders. He is excited for a new chapter in his Senior year. Chris will be transferring to an alternative school next quarter so as to finish this year with full credits. We all pray this is all there will be needed to help him complete the school year. He is looking for a job to help pay for his insurance and other needs, so if you know anyone hiring drop us a note. He is a very protective son, always looking out for myself and his little sisters. Chris is amazing and a wonderful son! I am very proud of him.
McQuelle is amazing! She is working so hard to get all her grades up to par. Her school work load is not to bad, but she is brilliant and a hard worker. She is also looking for a job to pay for insurance and packets to catch up on her credits she missed last year. She is a very loving daughter and I am very proud of her.
Courtny is doing great as well. She is enjoying the new school very much. She thought she would hate being back in public school, but that is no longer the case. She has made many new friends and still keeps in touch with the ones from the charter school. She is eagerly awaiting braces, but knows she will have to wait until Chris and Quelle are out of theirs. Her grades are amazing this year as well. Her math grade was brought to an A, good job Court!
As for myself, well I spend as much time as I can with the kiddos, they seem to need me more now as teenagers than they did as toddlers. I guess that's how life moves on. I am not dating anyone right now, I am not sure where I could fit someone into my life right now. It is nice to have the cherished time I do with the kids, they mean a lot to me and I love them with all my soul and heart.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, Chris has finished his Eagle project as of Sunday August 23rd. We are all so proud of him and all the hard work he has done.

The people who benefit from these Hygiene kits will be blessed. We wish them all the best and hope they are in for better times.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome to the Kilpatrick Klan blog. We are so excited to start updateing our loved ones with what's happening in our family!

More to come soon.......