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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The dreaded holidays are among us!

Well, the lobby of my building is decked out for Christmas.  All the stores have had Christmas in them since just before Halloween, yes that is what I said-Halloween.  Temple Square is being prepared for the big lighting after Thanksgiving. All I can think about is being alone, with no boyfriend or husband for the holiday season.  Not my idea of fun!  But what do you do, well you push through that is what you do.  I will miss my children while they are gone.  I will miss my daughter on her 18th birthday.  But, all will be celebrated in January, so oh well.  At least I will get to do something with the kids.  I have friends and family who will be around, that will help a lot!  But, alas, I still dread the rest of the year!  At least I have the kids until Christmas break! 

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