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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girl's Camp June 2010

The theme for camp was "Back to the Future". We spent everyday in a different era. Starting with the 1920's and ending in present day. There was so much learned by all of us. We were able to hear stories from each period of time. From when cold cereal came out, when Black's were admitted to public school, hula hooping was the rage, lunch was the heaviest meal of the day for a long time, and how much fun it can be to ride a tandem bike.
Riding the tandem bike was so much fun for all of us. Grant, Cami, Kerstin and Bishop Williams were the best captains on the bike. I tried to be the captain and just couldn't get it down, so I stayed on back (in the stoker position). This was a very fun camp for us all. We learned so much. We made bracelets with beads, earring frames and learned how to start fires. I even got the morning fire going with the help of Bev, for the first time ever.
There was hiking and camp certification along with study time for scriptures and reading. Everyone seemed to have fun. Only a few girls had to go home because they were ill or had other family things going on. They were missed for the rest of the time we spent at camp.
I think I learned a lot about patience too. I was an assistant cook and boy was that easy. The girls helped with everything. It was such a great opportunity to be at camp with all the girls in our ward. I felt privilege to be there for McQuelle's last year at camp as she will not be in Young Women for much longer. It was also great to be there with my younger daughter, Coutny, as well. I am grateful for the chance I was given to be a part of the Young Women for a week. I had fun, this was a great use of one week's vacation.

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