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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The struggles of a Child

This is a difficult post to compose this week, however I felt compelled to disclose this struggle with those I know love my child as much as I do.

My wonderful child is going through a stage of life in which I would like to avoid, this is not something I want to witness. This Child is wonderful in so many ways, some only a mother would notice. Rebellion, frustration and anger seem to be enthralling this Child at this time.

I had an "interview" session with each of my Children last week. I learned so much as I questioned them about their current and future goals. The testimonies I heard were so wonderful and gracious. The one I wish I heard is not there. One Child stated they do not believe in God, nor do they wish to be a member of a church of any kind at this time.

I held my composure as my child stated these feelings to me. I listened, learned and had pain in my heart and soul as this was revealed to me. A hug and an I love you was given this Child. Then I proceeded to explain why I know their is a God and my testimony of how I know this is true was then given to this Child.

The child was understanding of my testimony to them, however they dismissed me at that point. I was told that's great you have something to believe, but I just cant believe it. There is nothing out there beyond us and that's what I feel.

I stated after this revelation, which I had already suspected, the rules in this house are we go to church and all our meetings. This is the way it is and you will have to attend while you live in this house. The Child said that they would have to since they live here, but when they move out they will make the choice on their own. I then stated that would be fine, but the rules of this house will always be the same.

I love this Child, as well as their siblings, so very much. The best of intentions are all that I have for them at any given time. I hope and pray all the best for these beautiful angels I have been blessed with. And as Elder Russell M. Nelson (I believe it was he) stated, "you cannot fail as a parent as long as you have continually tried."

I know I am doing the best I possibly can, I will not give up on this Child. They will come around it will just take time.


  1. My heart goes out to you Brook. Kayla has stated to us that she doesn't believe that God loves her as much as the other kids in her class at church. Cause they get their prayers answered and when she prayed for a good grade on her math test He didn't answer hers. I have a feeling she will also have those same thoughts as your child when she gets older. We have the same house rules as you and so far she is going without a fight. I think you are doing the right thing by listening and loving this child during their trials. Clay advise to you is you are doing the right thing by not forcing them to believe but setting very strong rules and showing them unconditional love. Chin up my friend we love you!

  2. I am thrilled that this is a stage I don't have to deal with at this time. I think you handled the situation well and since we were all sent down her with our own agency your child unfortunately has the right to choose whether or not they believe. Just continue what you are doing and in the end the Lord will commend you for your efforts.